Photovoltaic Applied Research Laboratory

Photovoltaic Applied Research Laboratory


  • investigation of produced and new designed solar cells and their structures for manufacturers of solar cells and researchers of educational institutions.

Manufacturers of solar cells, faced with the technological problems in the manufacturing process, have an opportunity to determine detailed analysis of carrier concentration distribution, spectral response, contact and an emitter resistors. This allows effectively to solve the problems and choose an optimal solution to the problem.


  • Determination of the spectral response
  • Determination of external and internal quantum efficiency
  • Determination of the reflectance
  • Determination of the bandwidth
  • Determination of the contact resistance and emitter
  • Mapping of contact and emitter layer resistance
  • Mapping of shunt resistance
  • Mapping of open-circuit voltage and shorted-circuit currrent
  • Measurement of I-V characteristics at particular irradiance
  • Measurement of solar cell series resistance
  • 3D mapping of surface
  • Measurement of solar cell thickness

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