Measurement technologies and devices

Measurement technologies and devices

Department Of
Measurement Technologies and Devices

Investigation of innovative solar modules using Testing PV modules laboratory’s equipment.
Development of novel PV modules investigation methods and devices.
Investigation of encapsulants of PV modules by means of infrared spectroscopy. 

Department manager: Hab. Dr. Prof. Algirdass Galdikas
Phone: +370 699 63367


Pakalka, S.; Valančius, K.; Čiuprinskas, K.; Pum, D.; Hinteregger, M. (2017). Analysis of possibilities to use phase change materials in heat exchangers-accumulators. In 10th International conference „Environmental Engineering“. Vilnius Gediminas Technical University.

Pakalka, S., Valančius, K., & Damonskis, M. (2020). Effect of open and closed operation modes on the performance of phase change material based copper heat exchanger. In 11th International conference „Environmental Engineering“ 21-22 May 2020, Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, Lithuania (pp. 1–7). Vilnius: VGTU Press. 

J. Doneliene, V. Ulbikaite, E. Urboniene, S. Pakalka, J. Ulbikas. Structural characterization of TiO2 aerogel vs precursor type and gel aging // 18th international conference on nanosciences & nanotechnologies: 5-8 July 2021, Thessaloniki, Greece: book of abstracts. Thessaloniki : [s.n.]. 2021, p. 176. [ T 008] 

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Presentations at Conferences

Pakalka, S.; Donelienė, J.; Rudzikas, M.; Valančius, K.; Streckienė, G. Development and experimental investigation of full-scale phase change material thermal energy storage prototype for domestic hot water, J. Energy Storage. (2024).

Donėlienė, J.; Fataraitė-Urbonienė, E.; Danchova, N.; Gutzov, S.; Ulbikas, J.. The influence of the precursor’s nature and drying conditions on the structure, morphology, and thermal properties of TiO2 aerogels // Gels, MDPI, 2022, vol. 8, , iss. 7, art. no. 422, p. 1-16. DOI: 10.3390/gels8070422

Donėliene, J.; Fataraite-Urboniene, E.; Rudzikas, M.; Pakalka, S.; Danchova, N.; Ulbikas, J. Effect of precursor nature and sol-gel synthesis conditions on TiO2 aerogel’s structure, Molecules. 26 (2021).


Pakalka, S., Valančius, K.. Experimental investigation and prediction of charging/discharging performance of phase change material based thermal energy storage unit. Environmental and Climate Technologies, (2021)25(1), 600–609.


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