Established in 2008
36 Members

PROTECH – Coordinator of Lithuanian Photovoltaics Industrial Technology Cluster (FETEK)

Since 2008 PROTECH is coordinating Lithuanian Photovoltaics Industrial Technology Cluster (FETEK). PROTECH is leading renewable energy, industrial process, and market-fit pproduct and technology development and innovation uptake, through co-creation principles and an open-access infrastructure, accessible to Lithuanian Photovoltaics industry and research community.

RTD Cluster. Upscaling the Technology Since 2008

The Applied Research Institute for Prospective Technologies (ProTech) proudly serves as the coordinator of the Lithuanian Photovoltaics Industrial Technology Cluster (FETEK). Established at the start of 2008 in Vilnius, FETEK is a dynamic non-governmental group that brings together 33 entities, including state and private research centers, a diverse range of companies, and individual experts, all dedicated to advancing the photovoltaic technology sector in Lithuania. FETEK’s comprehensive mission is to increase the sustainability and competitiveness of the national PV sector through collaborative networks that foster innovation, facilitate investment, and promote the development, production, and marketing of high-quality photovoltaic products and solutions. By integrating members into global networks and bolstering the sector’s public image and investment appeal, ProTech and FETEK are at the forefront of transforming Lithuania’s capacity in renewable energy technologies.

Management Excellence – Awarded Cluster Manager

At the Applied Research Institute for Prospective Technologies (ProTech), we have systematically managed and coordinated innovation activities within the Lithuanian Photovoltaics landscape. Our commitment to fostering advancements and collaboration in the photovoltaic sector has not only catalyzed significant progress but also earned us prestigious recognition. Our diligent efforts and strategic leadership in the field have been acknowledged through the attainment of the SILVER Cluster Management Excellence Label. This honor underscores our effective management practices and our pivotal role in enhancing the capabilities and competitiveness of the PV industry in Lithuania.