Solar Cell Manufacturing Processes Research Laboratory

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Solar Cells and Modules Manufacturing Processes Research Laboratory


Experimental research of technological manufacturing processes of solar cells and modules. Implementing RTD activities non-contact laser techniques are used for formation of surface structures and development of high-efficiency solar cells of new structure. The laboratory staff is working on improvement of available solar cells production technological processes as well as on development of new processes with a focus on new laser processes. From the scientific and industrial viewpoint, laboratory using set of pulse power lasers – pulse duration from nanoseconds to femtoseconds – provides applied research and services ranging from formation of nanostructured surfaces to laser ablation of insulating layers and cutting wafers and solar cells.Experimental solar modules production facilities allow development of innovative bifacial, flexible and semi-flexible modules using innovative cells and materials.


  • Ablation and removal of dielectric layers
  • Cutting of silicon wafers and cells
  • formation of grooves and holes in wafers and cells
  • Laser diffusion
  • Edge isolation
  • Contact formation
  • Surface texturing
  • Diffusion processes
  • Metallization
  • Resistance measurement and determination of resistance temperature coefficient
  • Modules assembling (alignment and stringing cells, polymer film overlay, lamination, connection of junction box).
  • Investigation of gell content in lamination polymer films

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