Protech Team Participates in IBC4EU General Assembly Meeting in Ankara at KALYON

On May 15-16, the Protech team had the privilege of participating in the General Assembly meeting of the IBC4EU project, held at the KALYON premises in Ankara, Turkey. KALYON, a key consortium partner in the IBC4EU project, provided an excellent venue for this significant event. For more information about the project, please visit the IBC4EU project website.

Progress and Insights at the Halfway Mark

The IBC4EU project has now reached its halfway point, and the first visible results were presented by several partners. These early findings are a testament to the hard work and collaboration among the consortium members. The presentations highlighted the advancements made so far and set the stage for the exciting developments yet to come.

Tour of KALYON’s Integrated PV Production Facility

One of the highlights of the meeting was the opportunity to tour KALYON’s impressive integrated PV production facility. The facility showcases the entire production process, starting from mono-Si ingot pulling and wafering, through to solar cell production and PV module implementation. This tour provided invaluable insights into the innovative processes and state-of-the-art technology employed by KALYON.

Encouraging Discussions Amidst Industry Challenges

The discussions during the meeting were not only productive but also extremely encouraging. Despite the current slowdown in PV manufacturing in Europe, there is a strong interest among companies to continue investing in prospective PV products and equipment. The IBC4EU project specifically targets IBC-based PV production, a promising area for future growth.

KALYON’s Commitment to Innovation

Even in these challenging times, KALYON is demonstrating remarkable resilience and innovation. The company is continuously improving all production steps and delivering novel, highly competitive products to the market. Their ability to stay ahead of tough competition in the PV sector is inspiring and sets a high standard for others to follow.

Implications for the Lithuanian PV Industry

As coordinators of the Lithuanian Industrial PV Cluster, the insights gained from this meeting reinforce our strategy to focus on innovation within the Lithuanian PV industry. Staying competitive in the highly dynamic renewable energy sector requires a relentless commitment to innovation, and the progress seen in the IBC4EU project is clear evidence that this is the right path forward.

We look forward to continuing our collaboration with our partners in the IBC4EU project and contributing to the advancement of PV technologies. Together, we can achieve significant milestones and drive the future of renewable energy.

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