PROTECH Hosts International Delegation and Workshop to Advance EU Photovoltaic Workforce Education and Skills

PROTECH hosted an expert delegation and workshop at our facilities, reinforcing our role as a leading expert in photovoltaic (PV) innovations in Lithuania. This event was part of our ongoing efforts to enhance the educational foundation for EU-level PV workforce education and skills development.

The delegation included esteemed representatives from VilniusTech, the Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists, and noted academics from: Hochschule Anhalt, Germany, the University of Salerno, Italy, The Foundation for Innovation and Research, Malta.

During the visit indepth discussions and interviews were held, aimed to address the challenges and demands necessary to cultivate a more skilled and efficient workforce for the future of the EU’s photovoltaic sector. Industry leaders, RTD companies, innovators, and researchers convened to share insights and strategies, underscoring the collaborative effort required to achieve these objectives.

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