SOLGAIN – Competitive stationary low concentrating solar module of novel design

Project number: 315663
Funding scheme: Research for the benefit of specific groups
EU contribution: 929,000.00 €
Total budget: 1,618,362.00 €
Start of the project: 1st october 2012
Duration: 24 months

The project aims to bring the innovative photovoltaic technology enabling achievement of 0,67 €/W cost target in next two years. To achieve this goal proposers will develop innovative concepts for key components of PV system, prototype and test the stationary low concentrating photovoltaic module of novel design. The proposed solutions enable higher conversion efficiency and 5-fold reduction of active material – both leading to significant cost/performance, resulting more than 20% reduction of the Wp. By creating a non-competitive supply chain within the consortium the SME partners will be able to use the new technology developed to secure their competitive advantage in PV markets and over 10 year’s period make a cumulative profit of about 27 M€.

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