NANO-SE – 3-D Nano – Structured Si Object for Very High Efficiency Solar Cells, Based on Self-Formation Principles

This project aims at resolving some of the issues related to Si nanostructure fabrication. The proposed approach in based on self-formation technology which was created in micro scale for solar cell fabrication. Project deals with development of nanofabrication processes, the use of size-reduction for reaching true nanoscale dimensions (20 nm or below), and finally the optical and electrical characterization of Si nanopillars with p-n junction, to understand the physics for development of the more successful structures and their usefulness for photovoltaic (P devices.

The possibility to form the nanopores with supposed dimension of porous aluminum onto silica surface will be investigated in this project. In order to develop optimal route for nanopillars formation, the sequences of formation processes will be investigated. Also, the means for testing of nanopillars dimensions will be examined and research on properties of nanopillars will be performed.

The expected results are the method of nanopillars formation, which enables to form nanopillars with dimension 20 nm and below, for application in high efficiency PV devices.

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