The Applied Research
Institute for Prospective

Leading Industrial Research Institute of renewable energy technologies research in Lithuania since 2005. In-depth research, patent and infrastructure in photovoltaic technologies, energy storage, measurement, testing equipment and digital solution research for industrial applications.


Since its establishment in 2005, the Applied Research Institute for Prospective Technologies (Protech) has specialized in photovoltaic technologies, supporting SMEs and manufacturing industries across Lithuania and the EU. Today, ProTech is not only a recognized leader in applied research for green energy, particularly photovoltaics and energy-efficient buildings, but also coordinates the Lithuanian Photovoltaics Industrial Technology Cluster. The institute’s impactful industry-relevant research and successful private investment collaborations have solidified its role as a major developer of technology.


Non-state scientific research institute, registered in the Register of Educational and Scientific Institutions

Accredited PV testing facility. Complies with the requirements of
LST EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018


International projects
Patent holder
Management Excellence Label

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Accredited PV Testing Services

Providing accredited testing of pv modules by requirements of LST EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018.

Environmental impact assesment​

Full CO2 and Assessment of Life Cycle (LCA)  for products, processes and whole organization.

Prototyping Services

Comprehensive prototyping services, enabling rapid development and testing of innovative solutions to meet the complex needs of industrial research and development projects.

Feasibility Studies, Roadmaps, Technological Analysis

Comprehensive feasibility studies, roadmaps, and market and technological analysis to strategically guide and support businesses towards sustainable growth and innovation.

RTD Project Management

Services include proposal scouting, preparation, efficient coordination, oversight, and successful delivery of research and technology development initiatives (HorizonEurope, Interreg, BSR, EUREKA, national, etc).