PROTECH coordinated PV Industrial Technology Cluster FETEK achieves Silver Label of Cluster Management Excellence

FETEK Achieves Prestigious Silver Label as One of the First Clusters in Lithuania!

We are proud to announce that this May, the Photovoltaic Technology Cluster (FETEK) has been awarded the prestigious Silver Label of Cluster Management Excellence. This recognition is part of the “InoLink” project facilitated by the Science, Innovation and Technology Agency (MITA), and places FETEK alongside the Lithuanian Food Exporters Association’s (LitMEA) “Smartfood” cluster in achieving this esteemed certification.

Discover more about our journey through this process and the benefits that the Silver Label will bring to our organization. Read the full story here

This accolade not only reflects our commitment to excellence in cluster management but also signals our ongoing ambition towards achieving the Gold Label, as we continue to set new goals and push the boundaries of innovation and cooperation within the photovoltaic sector.



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