Photovoltaic Technologies

Lithuania, first solar silicon cells have been fabricated at company Nuklonas in 1992. Today, we have local industry for solar technologies comprising of producers, developers, researchers of solar cells and modules and builders of solar power plants. ProTech is an initiator of solar technology activities in Lithuania and most active organizer of local PV community. Photovoltaic Technology Cluster under administration of ProTech has been established in 2008, and a year later Photovoltaic Technology and Business Association has been created with the ProTech as one of the first it’s members. Since the first study on the topic in 2006, ProTech has developed and accomplished a set of local and international R&D projects and contracts on silicon solar cells and modules, BIPV products and related electronics. ProTech administrates research infrastrucure of Photovoltaic Technology Cluster. With the facilities integrated with companies production lines and strong focus on industrial-level research, ProTech is a credited and recognized R&D provider for local and EU partners.

  • Si Solar Cells and Modules
  • Measurements and Testing of Solar Modules
  • Microinverters and Power Trackers
  • BIPV Applications

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