Innovative green electricity generation and storage solutions for e-transport.

Project no. LT07-1-EIM-K01-018
The project started in 2021. July 7, end 2024 April 30

Project partners:

  1. UAB Soli Tek R&D (coordinator)
  2. Sintef AS
  3. Institute for Applied Research of Perspective Technologies (PROTECH)

The project is being implemented with the participation of the Agency for Science, Innovation and Technology (MITA) in 2014-2021. In the Norwegian Financial Mechanism Program “Business Development, Innovation and SMEs”, which finances the implementation of green innovation ideas.

Project goals and objectives:

To develop a good and high-quality product during the project implementation and to explore the possibilities of recycling them at the end of their service life.
Development, implementation and development of innovative technologies for energy generation and storage systems.
Contribute to a more efficient use of renewable electricity in the public and private transport sectors by developing green energy and reducing CO2 emissions.