BIPV in Baltic countries Trade mission to Vilnius, Lithuania

SOLARROK is a network of 8 European clusters committed to boost competitiveness of the European photovoltaics industry.

The SOLARROK network stands for 600 companies & 40 research institutes across all over Europe:

Navarra (Spain), Rhône-Alps (France), Central Germany, Slovenia, Austria, Lithuania, Belgium,

Netherlands, Belgium and Norway. The consortium puts a considerable power in motion facilitating

collaboration within joint projects within Europe as well to outreach to extra-European markets.

Several actions are currently organised that will help to establish and share bridgeheads within European

Union as well as in the most interesting emerging markets for PV for example in Tunisia, Egypt or Turkey.

This coordinated market presence of the European PV key players and innovation forces should create a

win-win situation for all involved actors and strengthen Europe’s PV common voice in the rapidly

developing markets for solar power.

BIPV in Baltic countries

Trade mission to Vilnius, Lithuania

19-20 May 2015

A unique opportunity to meet

major Eastern Europe PV players, industry and research institutions

• Business opportunities in Vilnius Sunrise Valley

• Partnerships for innovative construction projects

• Networking for R&D projects in Horizon 2020

Organised by the SOLARROK clusters, this mission addresses

European manufacturers, designers, architects, building engineers,

developers and investors concerned with BIPV.