Accreditation status for Testing Photovoltaic modules received

On  February 7, 2024 The National Accreditation Bureau of Lithuania (NAB) has confirmed that the Photovoltaic Module Testing Laboratory of the Applied Research Institute of Prospective Technologies meets the requirements of LST EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018 and is accredited to perform photovoltaic module tests.

The scope of accreditation:

  • Measurement of I-V characteristic parameters of photovoltaic modules in a simulated solar environment LST EN IEC 60904-1: 2021 (except ch. 6);
  • Testing of photovoltaic modules according to LST EN IEC 61215-2: 2021:
    • External inspection (visual identification of defects) (Ch. 4.1 (MQT01));
    • Insulation resistance measurement in a dry environment (chapter 4.3 (MQT03));
    • Measurement of I-V parameters under standard conditions (STC) (section 4.6 (MQT 6.1));
    • Measurement of I-V parameters at low light irradiance of 200 W/m2 (4.6 sk (MQT 6.1));
    • Damp heat (DH) test in a climate chamber at +85oC / 85%RH (ch. 4.13 (MQT 013));
    • Measurement of insulation resistance in a wet environment (chapter 4.15 (MQT 015)).


Accreditation certificate no. LA.2017-01 and accreditation scope on the NAB web page


For photovoltaic module tests please contact:

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