Conducting technological studies and drawing up a recipe for the production of a tandem double-sided solar module made of α-Si-c-Si-α-Si solar cells based on them

01.2.1-MITA-T-851 Inočekiai

The production technology and recipe for production of double-sided solar modules consisting of tandem α-Si-c-Si-α-Si solar cells has been developed. Applied research was carried out, with the help of which a set of technological parameters was determined, ensuring the module efficiency of at least 22.5% and the durability characteristic of conventional solar modules. During the tests, the lamination temperature, time and pressure are determined, ensuring the degree of polymerization recommended by the manufacturers of the laminating film. Modules manufactured with the optimal set of these parameters were tested using the procedures provided for in the EU standard EN 61215 (temperature, humidity, cold-heat shock tests). The main parameters of the modules (efficiency, short-circuit current, open circuit voltage, insulation resistance) measured before the tests did not differ more from these parameters after the tests than in the case of modules made from standard crystalline Si solar cells.

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